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Octopus [Jan. 26th, 2013|08:35 am]
Wisdom through different eyes

So this comm hasn't had any action for a while, but maybe it's still helpful?

For various personal reasons, I have gotten into contact with Octopus. I really have nothing to gain from Octopus, and don't know what I want to learn from...him? Her? (By default I always call most of my totems him.) So I was wondering if anyone has dealt with Octo before, and what you'd recommend, or any experiences with Octo. I've read on other sites that Octo is a little tricky to work with and won't always come when you call- but I've had no problem with that (yet). In fact, I've had two Octos show up in meditation at the same time (this is new to me because I always have one animal from a species in my meditation), so I don't know if that even applies to everyone. :P I've only gotten in contact with Octo a couple times, but it's been pretty easy to find Octo and interact.
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Significance of water in totem dreams? [May. 29th, 2012|07:12 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes

As far as I can remember, I have never had a dream that was specifically about my totem (Badger). This one was interesting especially since it taught me something about the animals that I did not know. I am curious if anyone might have some insight about what this might mean, especially my totem revealing something to me about themselves.

The dreamCollapse )

That's all. Sorry for the length, but it's the only totem-dream I've ever had, and it's clearly symbolic. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance. :)
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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2012|11:57 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes

Greetings to everyone. I'm happy to see people here who share some of my beliefs.

I'm from Russia. I do yoga-like work with energies, lucid dreaming, shaman singing and drumming. Sometimes, i consider myself a shaman. But that's just one of my personalities. A year or two ago, i was mentally contacted by an Ant and Spider. I didn't know what to do with that so i refused. If i recall it right, Ant offered me something like "Endurance". Spider told me to go buy green jewelled spider pendant in the shop near subway station. The spirit told he would live there and protect me from those trying to hurt me. Protect by poisoning, in fact to near-death state. It was not what i wanted so i refused either.
 Yesterday night i saw a strange dream. A woman, servant of my parents (IRL we don't have one :), brought a wolf into my room. She left me with the Wolf. Then, what i felt was a sort of offer to get acquainted. After some hesitation, i agreed. My consiousness connected with his, and i heard "now you're me and i'm you". In his body i felt heavy and rather mighty. Then connection was lost and dream ended. I'm pretty pragmatic for this kind of things but still... it would very cool to run like a Wolf, to smell like a Wolf, to hunt like a Wolf.. In dreams or who knows, in astral body in the real world. I have a question, does anybody have relevant experience or information on that ? I have some ideas on tecniques, but actually I want to communicate to people sharing the same experience.
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Spiders? Specifically, Wolf spider. [Nov. 28th, 2011|03:25 am]
Wisdom through different eyes


So far, I've only had two strong connections with animals--Possibly with Wolf, but I was a child, and I could have just had an obsession :p -- Bear, and Vulture. Their meanings were clear. Bear taught me to find my strength for others, my mother-instinct and the ability to power on. Vulture... well Vulture MADE me clean up my life from the total mess it was before. I've been doing much better since then. I've had a couple of passing-through totems, simply to send me a quick message or make me think a little harder.

But, lately, i've been feeling weirdly... alone. I can feel that it's time for another guide to come into my life... And... almost unfortunately, I think it's Spider, more specifically, Wolf Spider. We have a lot of spiders in this area... but they seriously congregate on my doorstep!  Also, today I was petting my dog while he lay on the couch, looked up to the shadow of a spider! A creepy black jumping spider. I freaked and got my fiance to come kill it. While i'm usually the 'just put it outside' type, Spiders make me lose my head with fear!

In the end, he got it killed, and I felt this little pang of sadness. I don't know why, maybe just because it put up a nice fight...

Then just a short while ago I went to let the dog out, and RIGHT inside the door when I opened it, right where my foot would have gone, was a big ol' wolf spider. It stepped toward me, but not maliciously... then I got really freaked, threw my shoe at it and it ran away. Later, when I told my fiance this... He wondered what the meaning behind Wolf Spider is. ... anyway, long story short. can y'all tell me what Wolf Spider usually symbolizes?

EDIT!: I feel I should say that, since he mentioned that, I seriously feel a little less afraid of spiders. Even more so now that i'm reading up on spider symbolism and lore! I think that, evne though I was afraid of spiders before, it's time to let them in my life.

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How do I get Coyote to go away? [Nov. 13th, 2011|08:20 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes

Coyote's been tailing me this week.

My primary totem is Badger. In the wild, coyotes and badgers are known to team up as hunting partners, the badger digging into a rodent burrow and the coyote keeping watch to catch it if it escapes through another exit hole.

Coyote's wisdom teaches how to make the best of things going wrong -- the wisdom of folly. Coyote brings bad luck that teaches and challenges one to become stronger through adversity. But when combined with Badger, like in the wild, what might otherwise be simply a string of bad luck can turn out worse, because Coyote feeds off of Badger's efforts. And so Coyote's presence does not teach or strengthen, and is not beneficial. Instead, it is parasitic, and forces Badger to either have his sustenance taken away, or become a user himself in order to trick Coyote and benefit from his destructive presence.

In real life, this has translated into losing $400 through no fault of my own and ending up with a negative bank balance to that effect, having my current sole source of income (my computer, which I use to do freelance art) crap out on me, and having my car disappear from where it was parked in downtown DC -- fortunately we figured out it had been impounded and not stolen, but that still landed myself and my friend stuck in the shittiest parts of the city for 4 hours until we could figure out where my car was and get it back.

I know Coyote's wisdom is "it could be worse, you could have lost more money, you could be put in jail by the IRS, you could have had part of the computer fail in a way that wiped the hard drive instead of just making it impossible to use, you could have had the $7000 worth of BORROWED camera equipment in your car stolen and not only ended up getting your best friend in trouble with his university but also have had to figure out how you could ever pay for the stolen equipment when you have an average monthly income you can't even buy groceries on."

I feel like I get it now, and I would very much like for Coyote to piss right the hell off so I can get back to being able to do my work and buy food.

Does anyone know any techniques for asking a spirit animal to please go away? Would smudging the area around my home perhaps work to create a protected space?
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Dream help [Mar. 3rd, 2011|04:19 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes

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Cross-posted on my journal and at totemists

This one has me completely puzzled. I've thought about it all day, and I've looked up what little information I can find on earthworms and shrimp -- but I still can't make heads or tales out of it. I'm hoping someone here might offer suggestions for research.

The only bits of the dream I can remember are that my aunt and I were trying to grow plants as part of some group. My planting trays -- which actually looked like dissecting trays -- were completely void of plants. One tray had a mass of earthworms crawling all over each other. The other tray had what my brain/my dream-self explained was a spider but actually looked like a shrimp from deep in the sea that was mostly colorless but had a slight pinkish/orangish tinge to it. Its legs were a light magenta. My aunt had several thriving trays of tiny mushrooms of various colors and shapes. I looked at her trays and then looked at my trays -- one of wriggling earthworms, one of a "spider in an attack stance" (that was how my dream-self described it) -- and said to my parents and my aunt, "I can only grow things that thrive in the dark and the wet."

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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2011|09:02 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes

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 Hi all :-)
I've not had much experience with totems aside from Spider but recently Owl has come into my life.  I have a basic idea of the associations for Owl-wisdom, stealth,etc but I'd love to know more about the gifts and lessons Owl has to bring.  Please help!  I'd be very grateful :-)
BB Liz
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White Deer [Feb. 10th, 2011|08:14 am]
Wisdom through different eyes


Hey there,

Quick call for advice from y'all. On my journey home last evening, I sighted a white deer with some black/dark brown spots. She was in company with a brown, normal-colored deer, and as I drove by she looked up and watched me with eyes and ears. I say she because I do not recall seeing antlers on her, but there is a chance that it may be a buck that has just shed them early. I don't know for certain.

My totem is not Deer, as far as I know. She has spoken to me through friends before (one of my close friends looks to her as a totem), and I have seen her once briefly at my workplace. She was a normal brown one, and went dashing past me between woodlands. Beyond that, though, I have not had any experience with her.

Does anyone have any experience with white animals in particular? There is a higher mystical association with them, but for the life of me I can't recall what it is. Perhaps that is because I wasn't raised into shamanism, but instead came into it in my teens when my own totem, Mockingbird, made herself known.

Input? I will be meditating to Mockingbird and asking advice later, when I've fully woken up.

Thanks for any help you might have, or insight that can be offered.

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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2011|03:17 am]
Wisdom through different eyes

 Okay, I am in no way new to totem animals, I've had several in my life. From having Wolf as a Companion/Guardian totem as a child before I knew just what it was, to Bear when I needed some courage, and finally Vulture when I needed to do some life cleaning.

But lately I am at a loss. I need the guidance of a totem/Spirit Guide, but neither Vulture nor Bear, who were with me at the same time for a while, seem to be near me any more. Their time in my life may be over. I am open to a new totem, I have opened my mind and heart, I have meditated, and tried to call dreams... But I simply haven't had any breakthrough! Lately, I've had only one instance that may be of some importance:


One night, late, I was driving home. Suddenly a white dog sprinted across the road! It had run up an alley before I got to where it had been. That wasn't so strange, except a mile or so up the road, an owl flew low across the road, right where I could see it!!  They both seemed to be in a hurry, and were headed in the same direction, very pointedly. Do you perhaps have any translations or possible meanings for me? I can't make heads or tails of it!

[also maybe of note, that same morning my friend texted me a picture of an owl who had become disoriented in her yard after being spooked from her roost]

Also do you have any tips for me, for drawing my new totem/guide?

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