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Dream help [Mar. 3rd, 2011|04:19 pm]
Wisdom through different eyes


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Cross-posted on my journal and at totemists

This one has me completely puzzled. I've thought about it all day, and I've looked up what little information I can find on earthworms and shrimp -- but I still can't make heads or tales out of it. I'm hoping someone here might offer suggestions for research.

The only bits of the dream I can remember are that my aunt and I were trying to grow plants as part of some group. My planting trays -- which actually looked like dissecting trays -- were completely void of plants. One tray had a mass of earthworms crawling all over each other. The other tray had what my brain/my dream-self explained was a spider but actually looked like a shrimp from deep in the sea that was mostly colorless but had a slight pinkish/orangish tinge to it. Its legs were a light magenta. My aunt had several thriving trays of tiny mushrooms of various colors and shapes. I looked at her trays and then looked at my trays -- one of wriggling earthworms, one of a "spider in an attack stance" (that was how my dream-self described it) -- and said to my parents and my aunt, "I can only grow things that thrive in the dark and the wet."


[User Picture]From: jamie28
2011-03-04 01:18 am (UTC)
i think you answered your own question in this case. it's not so much what was growing, as that you deeply believe that (at this point in your life, and perhaps in the past) you can only grow things that thrive in what others would consider a negative environment.

it takes time and effort but you can dispel this belief. simply writing it on a card and sticking it where you will see it each day (such as the bathroom mirror) and reading it to yourself each time you see it will work in time.

you CAN grow in the light and sun. you just have to believe that you can. easier said than done, i know, but certainly not impossible.
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