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Spiders? Specifically, Wolf spider. [Nov. 28th, 2011|03:25 am]
Wisdom through different eyes



So far, I've only had two strong connections with animals--Possibly with Wolf, but I was a child, and I could have just had an obsession :p -- Bear, and Vulture. Their meanings were clear. Bear taught me to find my strength for others, my mother-instinct and the ability to power on. Vulture... well Vulture MADE me clean up my life from the total mess it was before. I've been doing much better since then. I've had a couple of passing-through totems, simply to send me a quick message or make me think a little harder.

But, lately, i've been feeling weirdly... alone. I can feel that it's time for another guide to come into my life... And... almost unfortunately, I think it's Spider, more specifically, Wolf Spider. We have a lot of spiders in this area... but they seriously congregate on my doorstep!  Also, today I was petting my dog while he lay on the couch, looked up to the shadow of a spider! A creepy black jumping spider. I freaked and got my fiance to come kill it. While i'm usually the 'just put it outside' type, Spiders make me lose my head with fear!

In the end, he got it killed, and I felt this little pang of sadness. I don't know why, maybe just because it put up a nice fight...

Then just a short while ago I went to let the dog out, and RIGHT inside the door when I opened it, right where my foot would have gone, was a big ol' wolf spider. It stepped toward me, but not maliciously... then I got really freaked, threw my shoe at it and it ran away. Later, when I told my fiance this... He wondered what the meaning behind Wolf Spider is. ... anyway, long story short. can y'all tell me what Wolf Spider usually symbolizes?

EDIT!: I feel I should say that, since he mentioned that, I seriously feel a little less afraid of spiders. Even more so now that i'm reading up on spider symbolism and lore! I think that, evne though I was afraid of spiders before, it's time to let them in my life.


[User Picture]From: Michael Niels
2012-02-12 04:22 am (UTC)
Well, just a guess. Since wolf spiders are the most caring spider mothers among their specie (they carry their babies, like hundreds of babies, on their back until they're old enough to hunt on their own), they can symbolize a mother's sacrifice and love for her children. You can see a lot more about wolf spiders here (maybe you can get more ideas): wolfspider.org
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