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Octopus [Jan. 26th, 2013|08:35 am]
Wisdom through different eyes


So this comm hasn't had any action for a while, but maybe it's still helpful?

For various personal reasons, I have gotten into contact with Octopus. I really have nothing to gain from Octopus, and don't know what I want to learn from...him? Her? (By default I always call most of my totems him.) So I was wondering if anyone has dealt with Octo before, and what you'd recommend, or any experiences with Octo. I've read on other sites that Octo is a little tricky to work with and won't always come when you call- but I've had no problem with that (yet). In fact, I've had two Octos show up in meditation at the same time (this is new to me because I always have one animal from a species in my meditation), so I don't know if that even applies to everyone. :P I've only gotten in contact with Octo a couple times, but it's been pretty easy to find Octo and interact.

[User Picture]From: gethenian
2013-01-26 11:00 pm (UTC)
As Octopus represents intelligence and transformation, perhaps he is there as a transitional aid rather than as a guide himself? Sort of a signal booster as opposed to the content of the signal itself... I would suggest attempting to use his presence to allow you to more deeply explore your meditative pathways or more easily achieve a transformative state.
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